A Basic Guide To Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great way to promote a product or a business.  However, you need to complete this correctly otherwise, you will not see the results of the marketing.  To complete article marketing you need to know what this type of marketing is, how to structure your articles and where you should be posting the completed articles. 

What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a form of marketing that will direct the reader to the product or website that you are promoting.  Many people use article marketing as part of their SEO strategy and it is often used by affiliate marketers to get traffic to offers they are promoting.  The traffic will be sent to the product or website via links within the text or within the resource box.  The method of linking that is used will vary depending on where you have posted the article. 

Structuring Your Article

All of your articles should have an engaging title that will capture the reader.  The way that your structure the title is important and many people do not realize how important this is.  Research into article titles has found that titles with list values will work better than ones that do not.  This means that if you are writing an article about tips for something you should not have a title that states ‘Tips for success’, you should instead of a title that states ‘5 tips for success’. Look at the articles on howtogetagirltolikeyouguide.com/ for examples on valid article structure.

The title will need to tell the reader what they are going to be getting in the article and this should be done in the first 3 to 4 words.  If you are writing about tips for selling your home then you should start the title with ‘Buying a Second Home’ because this tells the reader what you are talking about.  If you start with ‘5 Tips For Success When Buying A Second Home’ you will be focusing on the number of tips you are offering them. 

While the title of the article is important, the body is much more important.  The body of your article is where you are going to be giving your reader all of the information that they need.  Some good practices that you should keep in mind are to have multiple paragraphs with clear sub-headings.  Paragraphs and sentences should be kept short as this is easier for people to read. 

The reason why you need to have sub-headings is that people generally skim articles before they take the time to carefully read them.  When you have sub-headings you will be able to tell your reader about the information that this section of your article offers.  You also need to ensure that you deliver what you promise in the title of your article, like he guys at skinlighteningcreams.net did.

Article length is something that causes a lot of debates because some people believe that shorter articles work better.  However, there are others who feel that longer articles are better.  If you are going to be looking to do well in searches then you should look at what the search engines recommend.  While none of the search engines will actually state a preferred length they generally like articles that are between 500 and 800 words.  This length is seen as long enough to give valuable information without wasting too much of the readers time with fluff. 

The Subject Matter

The subject matter of your article should be something that is relevant to the target market and that offers them valuable information.  There is no point in having an article that id off topic because this will not lead to traffic to your product or website.  If you are not giving people valuable information they will leave and this will result in a high bounce rate which can hurt your search rankings. 

Where To Post Your Articles

Where you port your articles will affect how you place your links.  If you are going to be posting them to EzineArticles then you will have to link to your website or product in the resource box.  However, if you post them on HubPages then you will be able to post links within the body of the article.  Both of these options are viable, but you should consider where your target audience is most likely to go for information.

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